How it works

CoverageGuard is a client-server application for monitoring mobile station (i.e. test station) coverage in a TetraNode network. A server periodically polls test stations that are placed at strategic locations in the network. If a test continues to fail after a number of retries, visible and audible alarms are generated to notify the operator. Now it’s up to the operator to take specific measures based on these detailed notifications.

If desired, the operator can manually poll individual test stations or disable/enable polling on a test station. In a separate screen area the operator can view the status of the test cycle in progress and of the connection with the server as well as the TetraNode eXchange. Apart from generating visual and audible alarms, CoverageGuard supports SNMP alarm reporting.


With CoverageGuard, coverage loss will no longer remain unnoticed. Whether it is caused by environmental issues or due to failures of repeaters or radiating cable segments, the radio link failure will immediately be reported.