Feature-packed yet easy to use

A number of other advanced features sets the LDS Chameleon apart from the LDS Gecko. Ambience Listening and Discreet Listening options allow the dispatcher to covertly monitor ambient audio or calls in progress, for instance in situations where the radio user’s health and safety are at risk.

pc-chameleon-smallBut that’s not all. The dispatcher of the LDS Chameleon can remotely de-activate a TETRA terminal in case it is lost or stolen. In this way, unauthorized use can be prevented. The call authorization request feature allows the dispatcher to accept or reject calls to a specific number before they are made. Optionally, the LDS Chameleon supports end-to-end encryption (E2EE) based on the open TETRA MoU SFPG recommendations. E2EE operation is fully transparent; only a display indication shows that the call is end-to-end encrypted.